Mission Maximum: Records and Superlatives

Digital booklet “Mission Maximum” presents record-breaking highlights from seven decades of Volkswagen history

Volkswagen Classic is proud to present a selection of records and remarkable benchmarks in its online publication “Mission Maximum”. The digital booklet spans the fifties to the present day, the Volkswagen Ecomobile to the ID. R, Wolfsburg to Tierra del Fuego, and Jochi Kleint to Romain Dumas. The 68 pages are packed with exciting stories, interviews offering exclusive insights, fascinating facts and impressive figures from the world of Volkswagen.

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When a company like Volkswagen looks back at its illustrious history, the past is littered with record-breaking achievements. The “Mission Maximum” booklet, which was launched at the Techno Classica 2019 world trade fair, presents extraordinary people, performances and cars from seven decades of Volkswagen history.

Fast, powerful, unbeaten
In 2001 and 2002, the Volkswagen W12 – an experimental car – took to the high-speed circuit in Nardò (Italy) to demonstrate the potential of a newly-developed twelve-cylinder engine. The 440-kW (600-PS) W12 Nardo set 12 records, all of which still stand to this day.

A record-breaking new G-force
Polo Coupé GT G40, Golf syncro G60 prototype, and Corrado G60 – Jochi Kleint has set records at the wheel of all of the aforementioned cars. European rally champion Kleint set world records between 1985 and 1988 in three modified models with G-Lader turbochargers. Two pilot-series Corrado G60 set six class records in August 1988.

A world record on three wheels
With the Volkswagen Ecomobile (SMVW), the clue was in the name: The three-wheel prototype, generating just 0.2 kW (0.272 PS), set a new consumption world record in August 1982. The SMVW covered an extrapolated distance of 1,491 kilometres on just one litre of diesel in August 1982.

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