Electric Vehicles

We are moving to the future with Electric Vehicle technology across our brands

Gazley EV's

We think EV’s are the future, we have invested in our staff and facilities to be future proofed with electric charging points and factory trained electric vehicle technicians. Our workshops have been equipped with the latest computer technology to help keep our clients buzzing!

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Fully Electric Vehicles

A purely electric vehicle, powered only by the battery, which can be charged by plugging into an electric power point.

  • 100% Electric = no petrol cost
  • Produce no exhaust emissions
  • Require less maintenance than a conventional vehicle
  • Real world range of generally 90km-225km

Gazley have both new offerings from many of our brands along with a selection or pre-owned vehicles.

Hyrbid Vehicles

Working with both an electric engine and conventional petrol engine Hybrid vehicles switch automatically back and forth as required.

  • Great entry to the electric world
  • Does not stop when out of charge
  • Fuel savings along with lower emissions

Gazley Mitsubishi currently off the Outlander PHEV as a Hybrid vehicle. Along with the Mercedes plug-in hybrid range.

Interested in Going Electric

To really experience an electric vehicle you need to get behind the wheel. Check out our stock below and take your first step to the future